Let's Eat


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today I come to you with a confession that in this busy season I have not spent time with the one I love the most. I have let wonderful responsibilities and joyful obligations fill my days. This is a busy season in my life, but I want to do better at spending good quality time with God.

Now at this point one could make an argument that daily bible reading is legalistic or that his grace frees me from the obligation of h.a.v.i.n.g. to read every day. Both of these points are valid, but the truth in my heart leaves them both void.

I miss Him. He is my heart’s desire. Yup, it is that simple. It isn’t about checking off a box or meeting a minimum requirement, it is about spending time getting to know my father in Heaven. As the old hymn says“As a deer panteth for the water, my soul longeth after thee”.

So I have confessed that I am starving to be in his presence. I am hungry for the word. Now it’s time to do something about it! When our physical bodies are screaming out for food, we don’t prepare a three course meal, set the table, dim the lights, and create a perfect environment. We grab the first thing we see and eat on the run. Perhaps I should take the same approach with feeding my spirit. Read the bible app while waiting in the bank line, enjoy a line or two of a devotional while sitting with the kids at breakfast, or lay my bible out on the counter while preparing dinner.

Yes, it is time to get creative. If there are over 40 ways to use leftover turkey, surely I can find a few ways to bring God back into my day!

I pray that you and your family feel blessed, loved, and cared for by the one who created us to give thanksgiving back to Him. Have a great Thanksgiving!

In Christian Love,

Connie Parker