claire parker foundation care box for pediatric cancer patients

Our first connection with a family is this box.

Every item is carefully chosen based on our own needs with our daughter's journey, and has evolved over the years to become an invaluable encouragement to families beginning pediatric cancer treatment.

We were both so touched at such a kind gesture that was an outreach from your own personal experience and loss.
— Chip & Rosemary

Care Boxes

The Care Box is designed for families beginning their journey through pediatric cancer treatment. At a time of overwhelming loneliness and displacement, a journal can help the family process and cope; while familiar items like shampoo and deodorant can help them to just feel human again. A stuffed giraffe and two handmade pillowcases will help bring comfort and routine to the child in treatment.

Each Care Box contains the following:

  • (2) handmade pillowcases
  • Plush stuffed giraffe
  • Custom leather-bound journal
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • (2) deodorants for father and mother
  • Face wash
  • Toothpaste
  • Lip balm
  • Hand soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Gift card

Quarterly Boxes

The Quarterly Box is designed with the long-term journey of treatment in mind. When regular, extended hospitals visits are the norm, a box with items for a surprise family game night or in-room movie can be a beacon of joy in an otherwise discouraging time. Our quarterly boxes change every year in response to the generosity of our donors and the needs of our families.

Quarterly Boxes for 2017 will contain the following:

  • 1st Quarter: iPad + iTunes Bundle

  • 2nd Quarter: Family Movie Night Box
  • 3rd Quarter: Courageous Chemo Kit
  • 4th Quarter: Christmas Box